Monday, February 20, 2017

The Enemy of American People?

It is sad and shameful that on American President's Day - when we Americans commemorate and thank services of all past and the sitting president of this republic - we have to take notice of the nasty, naughty and needlessly provoking sitting president of ours, Donald Trump.

A classic example of Trump diversion from his real problems is his needless provocation of Sweden in his Florida Campaign Speech. Having called out his nonsense, in a typical Trump fashion, he doubles down to spread more lies - like how the Sweedish Immigration Policy is not working. Who the hell Donald Trump is to poke around other countries for their policies? I guess Sen. John McCain is right - that is how dictators start: pillorying Media and then meddling in affairs of other nations. This is the playbook Adolf Hitler tried to bring calamity over the Europe and all over the world.

But then Donald Trump is not going to have such a smooth ride in 2016. There are folks in Media, even his sympathizer outlets like Fox has a journalist who knows where is the red line and then there are folks in his own party who will do what it takes to keep an independent Media and Judiciary.

The truth is Donald Trump wants to make all these diversions because he cannot govern, forcing his lieutenants in 'perpetual mopping business'. He is also probably hiding some dirty, treasonous, nefarious deals with Russia as well as other bribes. These may be dark days for Media, but American and Global Media will need to be vigilant and not allow another Erdogan or Putin in this land.

I guess this President's Day should be a wake-up call for we Americans in stopping a tyrant president who wants to squander all that his predecessors achieved over centuries.

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