Friday, February 10, 2017

Trump Hubris

Staff Artist - Nandu
One can understand how much policy and political garbage Trump produces by looking at these 3 things in just 3 weeks:

1. Trump and GOP wanted to kill ObamaCare on Day One. By now we all know, Trump Administration sees 2018 as the realistic date. Well, come Mid-Term elections of 2018 and we will see how much gumption Republicans have to throw what is relatively working.

Prediction - at this point likelihood is that ObamaCare will stay as is, or in similar form for many years to come. If at all Republicans will do something, they will land up improving it further. So much for Trump's bluster there. Of course, former President Obama and Americans would not have any issues in renaming it as "Trump Care"!

2. Steve Bannon thought he is the 'president' and he could push his White Nationalist agenda unchecked. Well, it seems like there are lot many Americans who still feel this Republic be run as per the Constitution - with Checks and Balances.

Good luck Donald Trump with your divisive agenda of 'banning Muslims.'

3. Trump thought he could pull a 'smart one' on Xi Jinping of China by using Taiwan as the bargaining chip. Of course, it was suicidal for Taiwan; but by now we all know Trump does not care about his clients. The important question was whether any such approach would have succeeded in the first place. We now know the answer when Trump himself submits for One China policy. I guess Trump is learning the reality 'fast'!

The real painful question is why so many Americans fell for this 'con artist'. There may be some answers here and there, but reality is a larger group of Americans just abdicated their duty of thinking through consequences in their 'hate of Washinton'. Of the remaining ones, significant Americans just could not overcome the 'Hillary Hate'.

Americans and rest of the world simply do not know, how 'bad' this show is going to end.

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