Tuesday, July 04, 2017

2017 Fourth of July

Fourth of July Celebration in Cupertino, CA; 2017
Those residing in Bay Area may feel under the siege now that Kim from DPRK has apparently fired a missile which can carry a nuke bomb all the way from North Korea over the Pacific to good old USA West Coast. That is one way to count how our freedoms are under some kind of threat in the 241st Independence of this Republic. This is in addition to the threat of ISIS and terrorism inspired by Al-Qaeda and likes of that. Fortunately, as American forces actively back Kurds to take on ISIS; the threat from ISIS is likely to go down. Even for terrorism in the name of Islam; somehow America is able to avoid it for last 16 years or so and that is good.

However, it is the 'intolerance' of Trump Administration at home, which is of concern. Donald wants to ban folks from certain countries based on the predominant religion of those countries even if courts in the USA do not agree with him. Next, he wants to ensure poor folks of this country go without an affordable health insurance. Trump also wants to push America on her 'fossil fuel addiction' even if it means abdicating global responsibility towards Paris Accord. The sad part is none of this is going to create jobs in the Red States who voted him in the hope of bringing of 1950's America.

The truth is America is caught up in a vicious cultural war. Neither Hillary nor Pelosi-Schumer duo offers a credible alternative in eyes of many Americans. Cultural baggage of these folks is too much for a vast number of Americans to 'see' the logic or any fact-based policy. As a result, America struggles with contradictions of Republican Policy - how to give more tax cuts to rich while fulfilling the promise of government help to poor of Red States. 

Needless to say, this Republican exercise is unlikely to result in any better America. But so long as a credible Opposition Voice does not emerge who can explain Americans what is terribly wrong with Trump's America in simple terms; we will continue to live under the danger of losing our cherished freedoms.

Maybe 2017 Fourth of July makes more Americans to realize all these dangers to our freedoms we enjoy, courtesy of Americans soldiers who fight for us as well as a neat system our Founders left for us.

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