Sunday, July 30, 2017

Commentary: Politics in the era of moral outrage

Destination Rajya Sabha
The sudden shift of Nitish Kumar from the RJD to BJP is now seen as a historic landmark, a watershed moral low that one thought may not be exceeded for a long time to come. The commentators and ordinary citizens active on social media just don’t seem to digest it and see it as the new normal. And yet every other day if you care to notice brings us face to face with a greater low and our moral standards seem to sink day by day. According to several reports, dozens of MLAs have been flown out of Gujarat to the safe confines of a resort in Bangalore where the daily tariff is around Rs 7,000. But in view of the impending Rajya Sabha elections in Gujarat the Congress party is in no mood to take a risk, as there are allegations that the BJP is offering the mouthwatering amount of Rs 15 crores to the Congress MLAs for voting in favour of its candidates. While the BJP is targeting Congres's Ahmad Patel, trying to ensure his defeat, Patel on his part is fighting with all his claws and clout to stay where he stands presently.   

This report captures some of the high drama including the decision of the Congress to parade them in front of the media. This is obviously to ensure that once their allegiance is established, the MLAs may hopefully find it difficult to give in to their temptations. If one were to go a bit deeper into the matter, the Congress party is as much protecting its MLAs from the pillaging enemy as the candidates from their own spontaneous urge to follow where the pelf is. The ethical vacuum in Indian politics is indeed getting denser by the day if one were to use an oxymoron! 

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