Friday, July 28, 2017

Senator John McCain - An American Hero

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)
“I’ve stated time and time again that one of the major failures of Obamacare was that it was rammed through Congress by Democrats on a strict party-line basis without a single Republican vote...We should not make the mistakes of the past.”

The cynicism of Republicans in Congress, the outright lying and the deceiving of American People by Trump and his Administration about Repeal and Replace of ObamaCare had been on display for a while. For 7 years Republicans promised to their 'base' that they would kill the ObamaCare regardless of how much harm it inflicts upon poor Americans without insurance from their employers (millions would be affected). Donald Trump promised that he will offer something better than ObamaCare, provided Congress just allows him to 'kill the ObamaCare first'. There was a glimmer of hope in November of 2016 after Donald's victory that indeed he would work out something meaningful to replace ObamaCare, 

But alas, six months into the Trump Adminidation and Donald himself on record saying "who would know that Health Care will be so complicated!", the guy was never prepared, never undertook even the minimal homework to make the governance effective and proved our worst case scenario - he is so mad and vindictive that he would not care lives of millions of poor Americans so long as he keeps his 'promise' with the base (well, actually the half promise since he also promised that he will 'improve upon ObamaCare'); regardless even if his own base would suffer in 'killing of ObamaCare'. In a moral sense, Donald Trump is one of the colossal moral failures of the American political system - a populist leader actively going on 'harming substantial folks of his own citizenry' for the sake of nothing.

That is the charade Senator John McCain has finally ended.I guess his own suffering from 'brain tumor' has literally inflamed his urge to do the 'right thing' for America for yet another time while he fights for his own life.

“I love John McCain. He’s one of the great heroes of this country...Whether we agree or not, I still love the guy.”

-- Sen. Hatch

Senator John McCain fought against Barack Obama in 2008. He made mistakes in his campaign. He rightly complained about the ObamaCare for its lack of bipartisan support. All throughout 2016 election season, he kept his battle against the 'no nothingness of Trump Campaign'. He endured ridicule and criticism from  Donald Trump, sustaining insults from a useless and utterly despicable character like Donald Trump. A few days back he stumbled upon 'life threatening brain tumor'. Despite all that, tonight he rose to his fundamental duty of 'upholding the moral compass' so that you remain faithful to the Republic - caring for ordinary people. 

In a sense, he has saved Republicans from having 'the blood on their hands' when inevitably more poor Americans would suffer in the absence of ObamaCare. He has left Democrats in an eternal political debt if ObamaCare stands (which it seems since Senate Majority Leader McConnell says "it is time to move on" and I doubt 2018 midterm elections would give any political room to GOP to undertake any such hopeless legislative chicanery like the killing of ObamaCare). He gave the cover to sensible Republican Female Senators when stupid White Male Republican Congress Members are daring these female law makers for a 'duel' as if we are in the Medival Period! That is all true, but in the end, the truth is Sen. McCain registered his disapproval in siding with the 'destruction of lives of weaker Americans'. That stands tall. 

Without his yesterday night's vote, Sen. McCain was already an American Hero for all what he accomplished in his service in American Navy. But tonight, this workhorse showed that even in Trump's America, not all of America has become 'senseless, immoral and stupid' as like Donald Trump.

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