Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Immoral Trump Presidency

With a devastating press conference, Donald Trump has revealed few more things fresh:

1) He is an incompetent leader. Fundamentally, any good leader needs to understand an import of a moment - which aspects to 'highlight' and which aspects to 'downplay' for the larger and longer term good of the country. In this case, for Donald Trump to equate White Supremacists with those who oppose it; is politically damaging in the short term as well. But still, he went ahead and pulled down every anti-Nazi American to the same level of David Duke. What an incompetent leader!

2) Secondly, Donald has no morality; there is no 'moral compass'. He is a ship wandering this world shamelessly, responding to his animal spirits and it goes wherever his 'inner beast' takes him. Forget the Presidency, as a 'man' he is not the person anyone wants to be a friend with or anyone wants to work for him. He is a failed personality with no place in a decent society. Imagine this is 2017 and we have an occupant of Oval Office justifying Racism in a press conference! What Lincoln legacy he can be expected to continue?

3) Finally, he has exposed his complete lack of qualifications as a law upholding elected leader. This is because he is simply refusing to see the 'party which broke the law' - a Fascist who plowed the car killing an innocent bystander exercising her political rights peacefully. There cannot be any comparison and you cannot simply accord a blame when none belongs to Americans who were peacefully opposing Racism.

This is an unbelievable moment in American Politics - the President justifying racists in some form. 

As some have rightly said, those who 'voted' Donald Trump knew this was the risk and realistic possibility with his candidacy, but they still did so (just because Hillary's Candidacy was not up to the mark). Equally those Bernie Brothers and Sisters are guilty for this mess when they failed to overcome their frustration with the Bernie Loss to Hillary and did not vote in the 2016 presidential election. 

But that is all water under the bridge. What is needed is 
- Republicans in Congress wake up and start pushing back Donald's nonsense; and
- Civilians in America start participating our politics to remove Donald Trump.

Because otherwise, Donald is likely to grow into an existential risk to our Republic and the way we live in this country. 

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