Monday, September 04, 2017

Commentary: The Rohingya genocide in Burma

Rohingyas: hounded by the Burmese state
The international community is duly shocked by the conduct of the Burmese government towards the Rohingyas, the Muslim minority community who live along the border with Bangladesh. The irony of a Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi being complicit hasn’t failed to evoke anger and disgust in the wider social media and there is now a vociferous demand for a revocation of her award. The tragedy with the Rohingya community seems to be getting worse as neither of the two neighbouring countries Bangladesh nor India is willing to let them in as refugees. There have been a series of reports of raids conducted by the Myanmar army on the remotest of Rohingya villages, clearly aiming to destroy them physically and uproot them without suggesting any alternative.

In Myanmar, we see the other face of Buddhism, a religion commonly associated with compassion and gentler sentiments. This editorial provides a synoptic account of the current predicament of the Rohingyas and the near complete indifference of the international communities towards them. The ruling elite, the military and even the Buddhist religious leaders seem to be intent on wiping the community off the map of the earth, a measure that now deserves to be described as ‘genocide ‘in the media.   

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