Tuesday, October 03, 2017

It's the last time you're gonna hurt me, no?

As America digest the mayhem in Las Vegas, many would be asking whether it is the last time. One wishes the life is as simple as Tom Petty wished in this song. But that is not so. 

Only when 'businesses' start hurting - you cannot have mega opening screenings of new movies, nor you can have open music concerts and festivals; Americans and their coward politicians would start responding to 'the culture of guns'. 

Death of a mega Rock and Roll star like Tom Petty signals the end of baby-boomer driven 'politically meaningful' music of a kind. (Just look at the production design of this song, it is bursting at seams with Baby Boomer Lifestyle; I loved it.) 

With the unabashed growth of NRA backed '2nd Amendment at all cost' ideology, we may be very well seeing an end of America's Public Sphere where the rockers of the bygone era enthralled the world with their music in public forums. Such public acts are proving to be difficult to pull off given the danger of a 'lone madman with a gun' (so far all these Americans Massacres are done by men only; predominantly White males)

Unless and until the price of senseless 'gun culture' starts biting Americans in day-to-day life; it is not going to be the last time, Tom. But in any case, 'thanks a lot'. 

RIP Tom, love.

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